The Parking Spot: Coming or Going — Always Over the Top

It was going to be one of those sensational trips – Sicily, Venice and Rome. We would leave the early spring cold weather of New York City for the more temperate conditions of Italy.

And once again the place to leave our automobile was going to be The Parking Spot, of course. Why change to anything else when this fabulous parking operation has served us so well in different locations quite a few times.

The crush and panic of airport parking, the wandering around to get a spot to leave the car, the expense, the hassle of loading and unloading luggage – -all  belonged to another and older way of life – – and not a good one.

We were going to leave our vehicle for two weeks plus. No problem. We had made our on-line reservation and showed up and were immediately taken care of.  Bags (and there were quite a few) were unloaded from our SUV. They were stowed in The Parking Spot bus and off we went. Alitalia Airlines which proved not to be the class operation their ads claim it is was our way across the pond to Rome. And the Parking Spot driver pulled up close to the terminal and unloaded our luggage.

Two plus weeks later we landed at JFK and called The Parking Spot – we were ready for the pickup. Incredibly, after a wait of less than five minutes, we had our pickup. Baggage was stowed and secured and back to the Parking Spot we went.

Our SUV was waiting. Our luggage was efficiently placed inside. And off we went, smiling. Oh, if all life experiences could be as efficient, as streamlined, as user friendly.

Think about it the next time you fly.