We welcome new faces, new perspectives, and new challenges.

As a team, we’re committed to forward motion. We’re constantly learning, anticipating trends, and evaluating what we’ve done, and then evolving to do it better. And as a company, we’re committed to providing unique and powerful opportunities for growth. We’re always listening, empowering our team members, and fostering an inclusive environment in which good ideas come from anywhere and every voice has value.

Our core beliefs:

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We value honesty, transparency, and respect above all else. We honor each investor’s commitment of capital with strong economic alignment, exceptional governance practices, and disciplined, responsible stewardship.

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We empower our team members as we work together to become greater than the sum of our individual parts. Through focus, commitment, tenacity, resourcefulness, and collaboration without ego, we believe we can achieve any goal.

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We strive to make innovation a mindset that guides everything we do. We encourage creativity, self-expression, and entrepreneurial thinking.

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We are passionate about lifelong learning and personal growth. We’re driven to get better every day, knowing that our work can benefit our key stakeholders and improve the lives of real people in the communities in which we invest.

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Culture is a team effort.

Join us in shaping ours.

We provide avenues for ongoing learning, development, and growth.

Green Courte is committed to offering opportunities that support our team members’ development and foster a culture of lifelong learning. Our monthly “lunch and learn” series provides introductions to disciplines like business writing, transaction structuring, acquisition sourcing, capital markets solutions, and technology applications, and prevents silos by enabling participants throughout our team to dive more deeply into other departments and functions within the firm. We also encourage independent continuing education by granting all team members access to our curated LinkedIn Learning paths in addition to its full array of 17,000+ courses. Mid-year and annual self-assessments and supervisor appraisals provide formal opportunities for receiving feedback for growth and expressing individual career development goals.


As part of Green Courte’s commitment to learning and development, we provide formal mentorship opportunities for all junior team members to have a career sounding board with a senior team member who is outside of their normal reporting channel, along with numerous other innovative resources for professional growth and career advancement.

We contribute our time, passion, and resources to help build stronger communities.

Our commitment to the communities we serve extends beyond responsible business practices. We strive to maximize our impact by participating in direct charitable giving and volunteer service. Through our philanthropic giving program, Green Courte has contributed over $650,000 to non-profit organizations, including an annual donation of $2,500 to each of 10 charities chosen by a committee of junior team members. We also provide a $10,000 contribution to the organization of a team member’s choice on their 15-year anniversary and invite a leader from the organization to come and speak to our entire team about the organization’s goals and impact. We encourage all team members to follow their passions and pursue a more personal form of community engagement by supporting outside volunteer and board service and providing a Social Impact Day opportunity to each of our team members.

Social Impact Day

Our Social Impact Day provides each of our team members with an opportunity to contribute their time and talents to support a charitable cause of their choice, at a time of their choosing, with a “free” day of volunteer service on a normal workday. Volunteers can serve independently or as part of a group of colleagues who share their interests and goals.

Together, our efforts can

be transformative.